Understanding Mobile Mechanics

October 30, 2017

When talking to mechanics, it can sometimes seem challenging. We don’t always understand what they’re saying, so we can get confused. Whether it’s brake repair, replacing parts, or just changing the engine oil, jargon and terminology can throw us for a loop.


To help with better understanding mobile mechanics and their words, here’s a quick guide to some of the more common terms you’ll hear.


ABS is the anti-lock braking system. It’s run by a computer and keeps brakes from locking up and tires from skidding. They used to be more mechanical, but that’s faded in recent years.


The accelerator is the gas pedal. You do not want to step on this too hard unless you’re in a car chase being filmed for an action movie.


The air filter is usually paper or fabric and is meant to keep debris, dust, and dirt out of the engine. A damaged filter is not a good thing.


Alternators produce alternating electrical current. This keeps things like wipers, air conditioning, cooling fans, and radios running.


A catalytic converter is part of the emission system. It changes exhaust emissions into gases, so they’re not coming out of the tailpipe as solid chunks or worse. If it isn’t working correctly, you will fail a standard emissions test.


Despite looking like a radiator, a condenser is not the same thing. It is meant to circulate the refrigerant used for the air conditioning.


Disc brakes are a braking system. They rotate a disc along with the wheels, with mechanisms that push onto the discs to stop the vehicle.


A distributor moves electrical current in a particular firing order. This, in turn, drives the cylinders of the engine.


Four-wheel drive is something that should be obvious, but let’s cover it anyway. A 4WD vehicle is one that powers all four wheels at the same time. This creates greater traction, making it suitable for rough terrain and similar conditions.


The fuel system has an injector, which is a valve that moves fuel into the combustion chamber. The fuel pump, on the other hand, is what forces gasoline from the tank into the engine. Too much or too little and you get performance problems.


Transmissions move the gears in a vehicle. This is important. Terrain and driving conditions are what determine the movement of the gears, and the right transmission can ease any problems you have because of above factors.


A parking brake is what’s used to keep a parked vehicle from moving around. You’ll usually find these on the drive shaft or rear wheels.


A powertrain is also known as a drivetrain. It acts as a collection of parts meant to move the wheels around.


The radiator is part of the cooling system. It works by exchanging heat, reducing the temperature of the coolants and protecting the engine from heat-related stress.


Shocks are part of the suspension system. It provides greater stability, along with the distribution of weight so that no one side of the car is too mired by whatever it’s carrying.


There are other terms, but these tend to be the most common.

Make Money From Home – The Basic Tools Needed For Financial Success

October 22, 2017



You can earn a solid living from home by joining a home-based business opportunity. I would recommend that you go to the non-profit organization, Better Business Bureau, to determine whether the opportunity you picked is legit or not. However, once you picked the right opportunity, you will need some basic tools at your disposal in order to see success. According to home-business magazine, 8 out of 13 people fail when they attempt start the journey to financial success by trying to lift their business off the ground.

Today I will share with you some tools that can help in your journey to financial freedom.

#1 Google Analytics


When you are starting a home-based business opportunity, it is all about the numbers. In my opinion, you must find demand and fill it with supply. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. How much traffic are you able to generate to your website monthly?
  2. Where does the bulk of the traffic you generate come from?

3.What are the demographics of your specific audience?

These questions play a huge role in the success of a start-up campaign. In my opinion, you will never get a perfect understanding on who your target audience is, but the more you know, the better your campaign will be.

#2 E-zine


E-zine is an amazing place where you can write and publish content to the masses. People are always looking for solutions to their problems and you can help them. The way you can get that accomplish is by submitting an article that contains quality, non-promotional content on how your core audience can get rid of their problems. Once you have built a loyal fan base, you can then direct them to the services that you have to offer.

#3 A stable internet service


Your internet connection is your life-line because you are in a home-based business. The only way for you to communicate and sell your products is to have a stable internet connection. Make sure you talk to your current internet service provider to make sure that your internet will stay available at all times.

#4 Seek help from experts


Make sure to get help. Do not make the same mistakes that most people make when they try to start a home-based business opportunity. There are experts who have been in the arena before and can help you. All you must do is join some forums, so you can ask questions and become friends with people who have the same dreams and goals that you have.

What to Look for in a Handyman

July 5, 2017

Occasionally we just don’t have time or the information to get certain careers done throughout the house. This is where your local handyman will come in. Thoroughly researching your prospect and being comfortable with your final choice will likely be the beginning of a very well productive working relationship. This kind of article outlines advice on what to look for when hiring your handyman.


Bonded & Covered by insurance

The first requirement should be that your handyman is bonded and insured. This kind of relieves you of the threat of being kept financially and legally in charge of an accident on your property throughout your workman’s job. In addition, it allows you replacement or repair cost reimbursement in the case of any damage to your home or its articles as a result of your workman.


Guarantees & Warranties

You should always prefer a workman who guarantees his or her work. This protects you from paying for the same service twice, when it was rational to expect it to be achieved effectively the first time. Additionally, offering an ensure on the parts used and passing on the related manufacturer’s warrantee is a benefit you should expect.


Established Business

Your applicant, whether or not this individual or she is with a franchise or accredited company, should be set up in the region and carry a favorable reputation. They should be able to provide you with testimonials and references that you can call on for information on experience with them. If they operate a website, thoroughly review it and look for golf clubs and certifications they keep that will assist you in making your decision.


Fair Prices & Repayment Guidelines

Obviously, price comparability shopping will narrow your set of possible hires substantially. But also inquire about how precisely they choose to be paid on jobs. Never pay a workman before the job is completed, and consider it a red flag if they demand it. Nevertheless , asking for a portion of the payment in advance to get parts and supplies basically always ominous, but if you find yourself in doubt you may offer to accompany your workman to the home center and pay for the items yourself.


You can utilize numerous other avenues for finding and researching your handyman. Requesting referrals from friends and family may lead you to a great workman you can trust. Also, conducting an online search will probably provide more information than you expected on all the options in the area. By following the above advice, it will not be long before you find a prospect you can trust.

Supporting Your Local Businesses

February 20, 2017

Local and small businesses are important. They give fresh financial blood to a community and can help improve conditions overall. In many ways, they also represent the local spirit and culture over the more generic trappings of a corporate chain.

Small shops are often the products of passion and genuine love. Theirs is not a manufactured presence, but something born out of a sincere wish to make money doing something they enjoy.

However, given the internet and expanding corporate reach, it can be hard to support one. After all, the big chains have better prices. Sometimes they offer better deals. It breaks my heart to see a small shop where I talked to the owner and got to know the people close.

So I asked a friend of mine, who runs a small store dedicated to hobby gaming, about how people can help. Being a smart guy, I figured he’d given it some thought. He did.

Sharing is the first thing he mentioned.

One of the keys to having anything take off is to get people talking about it. The same goes for a new store or business. You need to go out there and mention it to people, especially if they’re looking for an alternative to their current sources.

Another thing you can do is going to be hard: buy personally.

Put aside price and value calculations, if you can afford it. Instead, think about who you are buying things from. Is it this faceless monolith or Steve, the guy who asks how your day was as he brings up your items on the counter?

Buying from people you know, in the small shops you frequent, is a personal experience. It can feel less like a transaction and more like a friendly gesture. If you value the interaction, it makes paying just a little extra not hurt your wallet so much.

It also helps keep Steve in business and happy to serve.